Yoga For Rocks - Head To Toes

Yoga For Rocks Head To Toes – Video 5

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Hamstrings and Calves

Today starts in the half splits pose. Warming up by breathing deeply as we move back and forth for a hamstring stretch.

We introduce the ‘Wall Dog’ which is a downward dog on the wall (the purpose of the wall dog variation is to have less pressure on the shoulders).

We finish off with a fantastic explanation from Sebastian on how mobility and flexibility through yoga complements your Jiu-Jitsu guard.

Make sure to start with dynamic stretches to find out your limits for the day and to get into the right mindset. Once you have have done dynamic stretching for awhile you can move to static stretching (where we hold the pose for an extended period of time and do not move).

Enjoy this video? Next we hit up the forearms. and wrists.

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