Yoga For Rocks - Head To Toes

Yoga For Rocks Head To Toes – Video 6

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Video Description

Calves, forearms, and wrists

We give the forearms and ankles some serious TLC with a fantastic stretch, complementing the stretch with a little cat and cow.

Then we keep a similar pose but with different position for the wrists and toes to encourage a gentle but intense stretch.

Not only static stretching but also joint mobility is very important to maintain a healthy Jiu-Jitsu body.

Sebastian closes this video with an explanation of the importance of having ankle mobility, then moving the wrists and ankles to improve joint stability.

In closing: This is a program that will never get old, you can complete it as many times as you like.

However, if you get fed up with Sebastian and Miha’s shenanigans you can move onto the other Yoga for Rocks videos.

Short term benefits are great if they assist you in the long time benefits. It will not help you in the long term to do only one class, but the short term benefits (just one class) is enough to get you hooked to repeat the process again and again for the long term.

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