What makes yoga the perfect warmup for jiu jitsu?

What makes yoga the perfect warmup?


That is quite a bold statement

I do trully believe however that yoga and BJJ are made for each other, especially when it comes to warmups.

 My goal today is to explain what makes a certain aspect of yoga perfect for warming up your body before practice. I also want to share some tips on how to put that into practice!

Let’s face it. The conventional BJJ warmup is not impressive at all. Doing the same thing day in and day out – running around in a circle and doing the same kinds of moves across the mat and then maybe warming up the joints. This can be done well enough sometimes to get the job done, but it is not the optimal approach, especially if you train hard and your body is stiff and hard to warm up.

Introducing: The yoga flow

As we know, yoga isn’t only about stretching. In fact, doing long static stretches before practice has proven to not be beneficial and even detrimental for athletes in studies. The yoga flow, however, is great for mobility, lubricating the joints and activating the muscles with movements that aren’t draining. I’m a big fan of the vinyasa flow as a warmup and I use it extensively before competitions to start the matches loose and ready to go, without any cobwebs anywhere.

When to do it? There are a few different scenarios.

1. You’re already doing it. Your instructor is someone completely awesome and yoga is already part of the warmup.

2. Do it before the start of the class. Most gyms have the space to do so, you only have to come in early and dedicate 20-30 minutes (or more if you can) to getting your body ready. Believe me, the investment is well worth it.

3. For some reason, you can’t warm up right before practice. Doing a yoga flow before leaving your house for practice or even a few hours before will positively impact you. You will find that your body will have an easier time loosening and “getting warm”.

What are the benefits?

  • Focus  By connecting movement to your breath you focus on your body and learn how to disconnect from what’s going on around you. This’ll get you ready for training as you’ll start focused and mindful – ready to learn.
  • Versatility You can easily tweak the flow by changing some of its elements or following a different instructional. You are also improving your flexibility, mobility, balance, and breathing while warming up.
  • Jiu jitsu related movements You will soon notice several similarities between yoga movements and those we encounter in BJJ. Precision, speed, and balance are all very useful if developed properly. Think I’m bluffing? Check this video out
  • Intimidation Your slick yoga moves will no doubt impress your training partners and opponents at the competition venue. They will be intimidated (if they’re smart) and you will find your way to victory

How to do a yoga flow for your warmup?

Now, we’re talking! Knowing a little bit about yoga is definitely an advantage. You can use this video below before practice to see for yourself what it feels like to warm up with yoga. We strongly recommend trying a flow before making any judgments.

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